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The Need for Money During Ramadan Rp 15.1 Trillion


24 Mei 2018
The Need for Money During Ramadan Rp 15.1 Trillion

BI Layani penukaran uang di Makodam.(zainuddin).

Ahead of Idul Fitri 2018, Bank Indonesia Representative Office Javva Timur estimates that the increase in cash needs as a result of the increase in transactions in the community and Lebaran holidays lasted longer than the previous year.

"Specifically during the Ramadan period, the estimated need for cash increased by 1 5,3 to Rp l 5.1 trillion compared to 2017 period of Rp 1 3.1 trillion. "said Yudi Harymukti, Deputy Head of Pervvakilan Bank Indonesia of East Javva Province.

However, the people of Surabaya do not have to worry about the adequacy of rupiah money during the period of Ramadan Idul Fitri 2018 and Bank Indonesia is ready to serve the needs of cash and payment system during Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1429 H/2018.

In addition, to serve and meet the needs of small denomination money, KPw BI Jatim has taken anticipative steps through coordination with banks and other related parties to conduct exchange services to the community as follows: (1) money changers in banking outlets, (2) ) exchange of money along with banking in MAKODAM Bravvijaya V Surabaya field and (3) service in rest area on a number of toll road segments.

"We have worked with 66 banks to open exchange services in more than 300 banking outlets that install banners in exchange services in Surabaya and surrounding areas," continued Yudi.
The banking services take place every Tuesday to Thursday from May 22 to June 7, 2018. Exchange services through similar banking take place in districts

municipalities throughout East Java who installed banners on exchange services.
In addition to banking outlets, Bank Indonesia in cooperation with 12 banks in Surabaya area opened a joint money exchange service at Makodam Brawijaya V Surabaya on May 24 and 30 and 5 - 7 June 2018 at 09.00 - 1 1.30 WIB with the maximum number of exchangers every day is 1300 people.

Not only that, as a new innovation this year, Bank Indonesia also provides "Banking Motivation Services" where people can exchange money in 12 (twelve) rest areas of toll roads, namely Surabaya-Mojokerto, Ngawi-Kertosono, Mojokerto-Jombang and SurabayaGempol every Tuesday and Thursday from May 8 to June 30, 2018. Maximum value that one person can exchange for RP 3.7 million reflects each fraction of a fraction starting from RP 2,000.00 up to Rp 20,000, "explained Yudi.

In order to obtain this exchange service, the community can simply carry ID card. "In order for the convenience and security of money exchange to be maintained, people are encouraged to exchange money at official redemption places, whether organized by BI together with banks or parties others appointed by BI to avoid the risk of counterfeit money and the possibility of the difference and not excessive exchanging money, "continued Yudi.

Not to forget also, Yudi reminded the public to be careful in conducting transactions by examining the characteristics of authenticity of money by 3D method (Seen Diraba Diterawang). BI also encourages people to treat and care for the rupiah well through the 5 method Do not: Do not Fold, Do not be Drunk, Do not Distapler, Do not Knead, and Do not Wet.

Bank Indonesia also urges people to use non-cash payment instruments in transactions and encourage banks to expand the use of non-cash payment instruments and non-cash ecosystems.
In addition, Banking is required to keep optimizing the management of money and maintain the availability of cash in all ATM especially before Ramadan.(zainuddin).

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