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Bukber Arcadia by Horison Surabaya with Orphans with BAZNAS


24 Mei 2018
Bukber Arcadia by Horison Surabaya with Orphans with BAZNAS

Foto bersama anak yatim duafa setelah pemberian bingkisan.(zainuddin).

Approximately 100 orphans and duafa are happy to receive compensation from Arcadia Hotel by Horison Surabaya with Baznas Jatim. They come from four institutions, namely Nurul Huda Foundation, Darul Aytam, Darul Rahman and Nasrullah Al Fath.

Djuni Wartono, General Manager of Hotel Arcadia by Horison said, for five years we together with Baznas Java share the love of orphans and duafa. For this time we give we give gifts and compensation to every orphan and duafa. Each of our children gets bags and money.

"On 22 May 2018 this also coincides with the anniversary of PT. Metropolitan Golden Management 15 years as Management Hotel Arcadia Surabaya, where the event is also as a form of gratitude that infinite we can be a success at this time until the coming ", said Djuni Wartono

According to Djuni Wartono we do not make the show too festive because we want to share with orphans and so all employees can be involved and merged into one in this event.

"The other hope of this activity is also to give barokah for hotel, management and all of our employees and give safety and peace for Surabaya city which in recent time was shaken with terror bomb which also enough influence our business" he added. (zainuddin).

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